Die Bewerbung



Ten young people of the generation Y search for acceptance, jobs, friendship and their own place in life. Unable to cope they wander through the labyrinth of the city of Dortmund. They are all connected to the “Dortmunder U” which is the pivot point of their actions.

An improvised feature film with drama students of the Folkwang University of Arts under the direction of Prof. Adolf Winkelmann, Prof. Fosco Dubini, Prof. Teodros Adewale Adebisi and Prof. J.U. Lensing.

Production Details

Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2012-2015
Runtime: 83 min
Genre: Coming of Age
Format: Full HD
Film Locations: Dortmund
Production: University of Applied Science and Arts
Producer: Adolf Winkelmann, Fosco Dubini, Teodros Adebisi
Director: miscellaneous
Director of Photography: miscellaneous
Editor: Tobias Bieseke, David Kleinekottmann
Sound: Manuel Krusy, Michael Ngyen, Valerie Quade
Cast: Damir Avdic, Amanda da Gloria, Joachim Foerster, Lisa Förster, Mechthild Grabner, Zora Klostermann, Julia Ludwig, Charles Morillon, André Rhode, Bernhard Schmidt-Hackenberg