Ramon is a young, talented boxer, preparing for his first big fight in which he sees the one chance to change his life and that of his sister.

The manager of the boxing studio however seeks different goals. He destroys Ramon’s hopes in blackmailing him to lose the fight on purpose.
Ramon now has an impossible choice to make before he can face his opponent in the boxing ring.


Production Details

Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2013
Runtime: 15 min
Genre: Boxing drama
Format: Full HD
Film Locations: Dortmund
Production: Thandom Films/WAM
Script/Director: Benedikt Schatz
Producer: Thorsten H omberger
Director of Photography: Julia Kampmann
Editor: Felix S. Müller
Sound: Andreas Gajewski
Music: Christoph Nowak
Cast: Michael N. Kuehl/Charles Rettinghaus/Alena Wolf/Alexander von der Groeben

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