Wächter der Spieluhr - Keeper of the Past



Accepting life as it comes is our decision to make!

Farmer Finn van Hagen begins a New Life and moves with his wife and his two children out to the country. He now lives on an old, idyllic farm, in the middle of nowhere…to his eyes, in a Perfect World.

One day a Stranger appears, out of the blue. He asks Finn strange questions and tries to draw a well-kept secret from his daughter Verlanda: The whereabouts of a music box, in which Finn’s past lies hidden..a past, he has long forgotten…

If Finn should ever open the music box…
…he not only might lose his family forever…
…he also might bring it to cave in…the World as he knows it.

The Decision is his…

Production Details

Country of Production:
Year of Production: 2015
Runtime: 28 min
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Format: 2,35 : 1 / Full HD
Film Locations: Overath/Lindlar/Essen/Dortmund
Production: Kampmann Productions/University of Applied Science and Arts
Idea/Story: Julia Kampmann
Script/Director: Marco J. Riedl
Producer: Julia Kampmann
Director of Photography: Julia Kampmann
Editor: Marc Steinicke
Sound: Markus Böhm
Music: Andrew Reich
Cast: Hanno Friedrich / Luisa Wietzorek / Martin Keßler
Official Website: www.keeperofthepast-movie.com



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