Flash Gordo



Gordo is a proud, American ape who lives in a tiny space-capsule that was launched into space in 1958. After he received the message to fly back to earth, he and his ship get sucked into a black hole which causes him to travel 300 years into the future. There he encounters an alien hawkbit who tries to tell him that, not only his beloved USA, but the whole earth has suffered a miserable fate.

Production Details

Country of Production: Germany
Year of Production: 2014
Runtime: 16 min
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: Full HD
Film Locations: Dortmund
Production: University of Applied Science and Arts
Script: Michael Cherdchupan
Director: Anette Jadczak
Producer: Anette Jadczak
Director of Photography: Julia Kampmann
Editor: Anette Jadczak
Sound: Arno Augustin, Florian Högerle
Music: Jonas Zerweck
Cast: Michael N. Kuehl/Charles Rettinghaus/Alena Wolf/Alexander von der Groeben